25 januari 2011

Valentine's garland

Do you celebrate Valentine's day? We don't, really. Although I like to be given perfume, chocolate and flowers. Little boxes from my favorite jeweller are even better. I think my not-so-secret Valentine knows these things, he also knows I like these things all year.  That sounds greedy, ha! Back to the simple things in life.  I thought it would be nice to 'pink' things up a little. I'm fed up with grey clouds and rain, aren't you? I made this little garland and wrote  a tutorial for you. Click here for more.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Schitterend gedaan! En wat een geduld! Ik had vorig jaar een origami-hartje gemaakt dat kon 'kloppen' maar ben na eentje gestopt... Dit ziet er veel leuker uit!

  2. Very nice garland and tutorial! We are not celebrating Valentine's day either... although I wouldn't mind to get some nice flowers ;o)


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