3 januari 2011

Sherazade quilt

Happy New Year to all of you! I made three New Year's resolutions. The picture above implicates the first two.  Finishing some projects and not being such a perfectionist. So I  show you a poor picture of a quilt that isn't finished by far. 1001 Nights I named it. I considered other names lately, Who's afraid of Arabism might be a good one, as my own little civilian protest. Or Sherazade to emphasis the importance of telling stories. I embroidered the hand of Fatima for no other reason than being in an embroidery mood. When I thought of what to do with it next, these bellydancers came up. I made them from little scraps and fixed them with vliesofix. I stitched a small line with chainstitches along the edges of the fabric. The white threads you see are just for 'sandwiching', getting the top, the back and the layer in between together. I'll remove them when I'm done quilting. And please remind me of showing you the finished quilt regularly!
My third resolution is to finally open my shop! This shop is an answer to all those people who said to me "You're so creative, you should do something with that". Making gifts is apparently not 'doing something with it'. I love making things, I love making beautiful gifts for other people, so a shop might be a good idea! Just a couple of days and Vervlogen Dagen de winkel, will be open!

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  1. How exciting! I also thought about getting a bit more serious and finally put some things in my shop... TIME is one problem.
    The quilt already looks beautiful!
    Here people call the hand "hamsa"- should keep the evil eye away...
    Maybe you could add scenes from the stories of "1000 and one night".
    I am already looking forward to see more pictures.

  2. @rahel The picture shows front and back from the same quilt. It's an oblong one.

  3. wauw, prachtig!! Ik heb deze vakantie een lappendeken inelkaar geraced. Niet de naam quilt waardig, maar ik had erg zin in gewoon maar wat naaien en er was een nieuwe deken nodig voor op de bank.
    Als ik dit zie heb ik heel veel zin in met aandacht en tijd zoiets moois maken. maar ik ben bang dat ik te ongeduldig ben.

    Echt geweldig mooi!!!

    En succes met je winkel!


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