10 januari 2011

Little red riding hood

When I was working on this doll, I asked my children what she should be. Aurora, the sleeping beauty, Rapunzel or little Red riding hood. I've to admit they rooted for Aurora, but once I made the hair, with the kind of oldfashioned Germanstyle braids, little Red riding hood was born. By the way, I think she got Bette Davis eyes, don't you? .
At the end of the week the shop will be opened and she's for sale! I'll keep her for a few days to  enjoy the result of my 'hard work.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. This is adorable! You add so much detail :-)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. The Kleine Fabriek show is a trade only show. We will be taking orders from shops for the FW2011/12 season.

  2. She looks cute!Where is the basket with the goodies for Grandma? And the wolf? (just joking)
    Wish you good luck with the shop!!!

  3. Waaaaaaa, beautiful doll. You should make one for Unicef - in my country unicef doll organizes a charity auctions...

  4. Mooi zeg! En fijn om daar iemand blij mee te maken.

  5. helemaal eens wat betreft die ogen & het is inderdaad een echte roodkapje weet ook de kleine sprookjes-figuren-kenner naast me (isis :))


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