30 augustus 2011

It's over...

We're back home. We had almost a month of 'dolce far niente', and I would immediately hurry back if I could.We saw  the beautiful cities of Rome, Orvieto, Florence, Pisa and Lucca and visit cute little 'borghi'.

We ate a huge pile of melons, and emptied more than enough bottles of wine. We discovered the joy of camping on  soft clover-covered grass (Blu in Bolsena), and loved swimming in the lakes we visit (Lago di Bolsena, Lago di Como and Lago Piano). We enjoyed hiring a boat, made plans for our own ideal campsite (something we do  every summer again), met friends in unexpected places and ate of course a lot of gelato.

We liked hiking in the mountains more than we expected (I'm suffering of a huge childhood trauma when it comes to hiking). We agreed on the beauty of Umbria over Tuscany and read many many books, which to me is the essence of the holiday, together with 30-something degree weather. For the third time on a row, we ended our holiday at the Lago di Como. This place and particulary Tremezzo is so beautiful. Really, it's food for my soul.

And now I feel like crafting again. Something I don't do when I'm on holiday. I promised Valentijn a proper cover for the diary he kept during the holiday and I have to make a birthday present for the little girl next door. And off course I didn't forget my promise to do a give-away to celebrate my blog anniversary. More about that in a few days.