28 december 2010

Doll making

My last post, my nativity scene for 'this week I saw',  disappeared miraculously. But repost a nativity scene after Christmas is as we Dutch call it 'musterd after dinner'.  Christmas was wonderful though. We did some skating on Christmasday, and really, nothing in the whole world can make me happier than skating with my family! Although my two sons playing christmas songs on their guitar comes close.

I'm making a lot of plans for crafting again! Making dolls is something I love to do. I made Molly, a rag doll for Lauren, she still love to play with. I made dozens of doll's clothes and I made some dolls similar like my Snowwhite. I did it without a pattern, adjusting by 'trial and error'. When we were in New York, I visited Purl Soho, a wonderful craft's shop. And there in the windows I saw this little doll from Mimi Kirchner. Made of woolfelt and quite smaller than my dolls use to be, but a bit similar. Purlbee, the blog of Purl Soho even provides a free pattern! I tried it and made this little doll for my niece Livia. I made her also a box with a little matrioskha on it. I didn't had enough felt out of one piece to make the dress, but nevertheless I'm satisfied with the way she turned out.

23 december 2010

Snegoerotjsjka ornaments

Inspiration is such a beautiful thing. Rahel posted these Etsyfinds on her blog, and I really loved them and then Hetty showed us the ornament she made for a friend. Put one and one together, add a little inspiration and you get my little ornaments. They're made of woolfelt, some leftover beads, chainstitches and french knots and about the size of a praline. The lovely girl is Snegoerotsjka, the snowgirl, a painting from Michail Vroebel for a Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov opera. My own snowgirl just came in with the deepest red cheeks I've ever seen... Tomorrow the children will get their skatingdiplomas. I was a very proud mother when I saw my sons doing 'pootje over', the proper way of skating the curves. We're ready for Christmas since we're doing the 'grand tour' this year; seeing both parents and inlaws. There happens to be ice near to my parents in law, so we'll  probably do a little skating on Christmasday!

20 december 2010

Sometimes a happy childhood can hit you in the face

What a start of their schoolvacation this is. These three boys are always together. The two on the left are Casper en Valentijn, our sons,  and the one on the right is the boy nextdoor, their best friend. Sometimes it strikes me that I'm watching their childhood memories. The children are on a skating course, as always in their christmas vacation, and I skate along with them, so there won't be a lot of drawing and crafting to show you. The hours after skating are filled with sleighing, snow fights and drinking a lot of hot chocolate. It's just plain perfect! I wish for all of you the same thing!

17 december 2010

Deze week zag ik/ This week I saw

This week I saw a good friend returning. Snow makes me happy, no matter what! It's living the fairytale. This is my first contribution to DWZI van Roos en Daan, inspired by Jill's Today I saw. Actually I feel a little obliged, at least to myself, to draw something, but I liked this fairytale picture I made so very much. So I try to do a drawing next time.

13 december 2010

St. Lucia

I love traditions, even if they're not my own. Today it's st. Lucia's day. In Sweden, the youngest daughter, dressed in white gown with a red sash is the Lussibrud (Lucia bride). She wears a crown with candles on her head and serves saffranrolls to the rest of the family. I can't help wondering how this was done when they hadn't electric candles. A lot of beautiful long blond hair must have gone up in smoke, I guess. We didn't send Lauren to school in a white dress today, nor gave her any saffranrolls to treat. Two tangerines is all she's got, festive enough for a tradition which  isn't ours. What are your traditions in the period of advent, I love to hear...

9 december 2010

Waldorf traditions after all

When I was growing up my parents were very involved in establishing a Waldorf school in the place were we lived and everything that came with it. Once I became a teenager I got very annoyed by everything concerning antroposophy. I didn't want to have anything to do with it. To me antroposophy was associated with stale sourdough bread, men in handspun sweaters, women in dyed skirts (we're talking the seventies) and damp cloths as a medicine for almost every illness, all covered with the heavy smell of arnica,which I still can't stand. My parents weren't like that at all, I must add. And then I became a mother.  A lot of routines and traditions from the Waldorf school seemed pretty nice to me, actually...So today, Joseph and Mary, very waldorfy indeed, are making a long yourney trough our livingroom before they arrive at the manger. They are made out of woolfelt and silk. I've whipped them up myself, but you can buy kits like this overhere. The cardboard christmas tree is our adventcalendar from the Wiener Werkstätte. The blue picture is a cyanotype which I bought from etsy, waiting patiently to be framed. And to complete this tour: the rowing man is my husband, on a drawing I made him when he got forty.

Christmas is unfolding...

It started all with some trees the children made. And once you've folded several reindeer, you're close to the whole ensemble...It was another late night to get it all  hanging and a lot of not so peace-on-earth-like words to accompany the process, but here it is. It was quit another process to get it on picture.  I tried different backgrounds and different types of 'snow'. Then heavy hail made me turn on all the lights, but now it has a dark wintery glow which probably goes along very well with the scene. We bought the wooden shelf with the lovely carved tree on the side a long time ago to serve as a season's table. In a few days it will be a manger. For now we enjoy Santa on his sleigh. (I even made tiny little origami presents...)

6 december 2010

christmas yarn star

 Bye bye Sinterklaas, bye bye winter, for now. We had so much fun saturday, but now it's wet and messy all over. Since I'm red-nosed myself the last few days, I can just as well show you the christmas star I made. These stars are really easy to make, following this tutorial. You can do it with your children, following this tutorial. Getting the pins in is the hardest part. From that point you're only five minutes away from a selfmade ornament. Minimum effort, maximum result!

2 december 2010

Gift tags

A friend asked me for gift tags. I want to show you an example or two from a series I made for her. Just by copy/past you can use them too if you like. Unfortunately I can't use them myself because these drawings are all over our house. I like the strophe of a Tjitske Jansen poem "het moest maar eens gaan sneeuwen" , but for now I wished it stopped snowing, because I want to do some heirons and pick my children up at school. I settle for walking, going by bike is not the smartest thing to do these days.