16 januari 2011


And this is how the bag looks! I've read about fabric overloads here and there, and I sure recognize the 'problem'. It feels satisfying  when I don't have to buy anything, no trims, no magnets, no interfacing, no pretty fat quarters at all, and yet make something pretty. But on the other hand, sometimes I play around with the fabric in my closet and suddenly know why it's been there for years. So I'm pretty sure my fabric-buying-addiction will not disappear any day soon. The red and white striped canvas has been there for ages. For the bag it might have been prettier to use smaller stripes, but then I would have gone out to buy some. And if I  had some lighter blue starry fabric I would have used it, to avoid any similarity with the American flag. The inspiration from the circus  is still going around in my head, so maybe I'll make another circusthemed item soon.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What a great bag! I love the elephant and the red and white striped "ribbon" that is framing the front. I keep almost every small piece of fabric- in case I will need it one day.

  2. Mooi tas hoor. Ik vind het olifantje ook erg leuk, dat is een mooie applicatie geworden.


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