18 november 2010

Zwarte Piet

Maybe I should have been writing this post  in Dutch, readers from abroad might think we've gone crazy overhere. Whereas Santa has his elfs, Sinterklaas has his  Zwarte Pieten (Black Petes). In the weeks previous to December 5th, children place their shoe at the fireplace and in the night, when Sinterklaas rides his horse over the rooftops ("trippel-trappel"), Zwarte Piet goes down the chimney to put a little present in their shoes. The fact that he's black, is not because of the chimney, but because of his Morish origine. There was a lot of discussion whether this might be insulting for coloured people living in Holland. In Amsterdam they experimented with all colours for the Pieten, but honestly a Red Piet or a blue one, it just not the same.

For all of you who love this politically incorrect but yet adorable tradition, here's my Zwarte Piet as a doll. If you''re interested in making one too, please let me know.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. He looks lovely!It is interesting to see how each area has it's own traditions. In Switzerland "Samichlaus" (Santa) is comming on the 6th of December- with a donkey and his helper "Schmutzli"... no dwarfs and rendeers...

    And actually I don't think it is insulting black people- what a lovely job to do- to bring presents to the kids! But that's my opinion.

  2. wauw, lijkt me leuk om te maken, maar of dat dit jaar nog lukt? ik vind hem erg leuk!

  3. Wat een leukie!!
    Heerlijke dagen deze opmaat naar 5 dec. :-)

  4. Ach, wat een leuk Pietje. Ik had zulke grootse plannen voor Sinterklaas, een Pietenpakje maken voor mijn zoontje. Maar ineens, een paar dagen na 11 november was er al de intocht. Het overviel me helemaal. Nou ja, volgend jaar dan maar.
    Die tekeningen op je blog zijn prachtig, eigen werk?

  5. Ohhhh Thijs zou zo'n pietenvriend graag krijgen...
    En ik zou er graag 1 maken voor hem!



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