28 november 2010

First advent

And in the middle of all excitement which Sinterklaas arouses, it's suddenly the first sunday of advent. And what a great day it was. We are living near the dunes, and we did some deerspotting today. We saw stags with huge antlers and a lot of other deer. I don't want to walk around with this huge and heavy camera all the time, so the pictures are taken with my phone. Despite the poor quality I love the silhouette of my three musketeers!

After the long walk and a rewarding pancake afterwards, we were invited to a birthdayparty. I made two more pillows for the two brothers, a soccer player and a baseball player. Again this turned out to be the perfect gift...
Though we'll wait until the 6th of december to open the first doors on the adventcalendar, we do lit one candle on advent's wreath. We decorated it with a blue ribbon, which is actually the colour that belongs to this period. Usually my father makes them, but because it's the second advent before we see one another again I did it myself this year.

I felt like a real editor, changing my blog's lay-out for Christmas. If it wasn't the biggest cliche of all times, I'd say it's the most wonderful time of the year. December 6th I grab my Frank Sinatra Christmas album, and off we go. Time for "Kerst met Linus" (a Swedish televion series), The Polar Express, playing christmas carrols on our terrible out of tone piano, the whole shebang. I love it. More is more. But decorationswise I like to keep it simple. White, green and a little red, it's christmas after all.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I like your new design for the blog! And I think these cushions do look very cool! Did you print the images onto the fabric?
    I too love Christmas-time. Unfortunately here I don't get any kind of Christmas-feeling- but maybe this is better- otherwise I would loong too much for my family, I guess.
    Have a wonderful time!

  2. mooi plaatje van jouw drie musketiers!


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