22 november 2010

Origami Christmas

Ever since we've been camping next to a Japanese group who wanted to climb the Eiger Nordwand in Grindelwald, I love origami. The friendly lady in the tent next to ours made me an origami boy for my poetry album, obviously because she thought I was one... Well, I was about eight years old and my hair was conviently rather than fashionably short. My mother bought an origamibook and a lifelong love started.

At West Elm in New York I saw this little porcelain origami reindeer. Mine now! Off course I had to try this at home. It took me a lot of awful coloured origamipapersheets, which I tend to use for such purposes,  but I succeeded in the end. The trick is to get a sheet that's a little big bigger (at least 20x20cm). The diagram I used is from this book . I used an A4 sheet made square. Although it's a bit thick, the result is quite sturdy. So happy together, I think I make some more.

Note: Since all three of my children wondered how the picture was taken, let me tell you: it was in our yard. We definitely don't have a christmas tree yet!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Slim hoor, een foto in de tuin!!! Mooie rendiertjes. Ik zit al de hele tijd te denken hoe je dat zelf zou kunnen doen, het effect van dat porselein krijgen. Iets met vernis of zo...

    Maar mooi gevouwen! Ziet er niet eenvoudig uit...

    Misschien toch maar eens een tutorial maken van mijn vlinders (zie mijn blog), maar die ken je vast al...

  2. @maaike Misschien gewoon met witte verf? Goed idee!


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