24 november 2010


Yesterdat the boys spent their afternoon making 'sinterklaas-surprises'. I feel like a social historian or something, explaining our traditions all the time, but on the other hand; I like reading about someone elses too. When you stop believing in Sinterklaas, that's when the real thing starts. Making surprises (pronounced in a sort of French way) and writing poems that are meant to tease the receiver.  A surprise is a crafted funny package to put your present in. For instance, a paper mache horse for a classmate who's all over poneys. Not seldom made of paper mache.Off course that's all I can say about it now, though I've no illusions whatsoever about nine- to twelve-year-olds reading this blog. 

I was asked quite a few times whether I make this drawings myself, well indeed I do. The blue one is in my favourite style. But I also did a charcoal drawing. Quite bishoplike don't you think?  (Sinterklaas, or St. Nicolaas, was in fact a bishop).  

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  1. I like your drawing! Is there a reason why Sinterklaas is on a boat with all his helpers? Or is it just for fun?

  2. @ rahel The story goes that Sinterklaas arrives on a steamer from Spain...

  3. Ah- now I see also, where the black petes are comming from.


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