30 november 2010

Last minute crafting for Sinterklaas

Just a few days till 'pakjesavond', the night Zwarte Piet might drop off a big bag of presents. In the meantime our sons are having other concerns. Valentijn is measuring the thickness of the ice (in a forgotten vase)  in order to be prepared when it comes to skating. The Friesian genes are strong ones, apparently. When the temperature outside gets below zero (Celsius), we're getting  feverish! We all love to skate. It's such a typical Dutch thing to do (social historian again...), that I have no words in English to describe this ice fever. As much as I love blogging, if the frost is here to stay, there's just one thing for me: the 'schaatsforum', to check the spots for reliable ice to skate on.

For all of you who might be less dedicated to all the goodness winter is bringing us, I show you some -very bad- pictures of the paperdoll we made last week, Valentijn did the purple and green one. I used old magazines for the pink one. The sleeves and trousers are in fact buildings. We totally forgot to add feathers on the hat, so we let  Picnik do it for us. We used this template and laminated it afterwards. We'll always have Paris, to show you how it works.

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