20 december 2010

Sometimes a happy childhood can hit you in the face

What a start of their schoolvacation this is. These three boys are always together. The two on the left are Casper en Valentijn, our sons,  and the one on the right is the boy nextdoor, their best friend. Sometimes it strikes me that I'm watching their childhood memories. The children are on a skating course, as always in their christmas vacation, and I skate along with them, so there won't be a lot of drawing and crafting to show you. The hours after skating are filled with sleighing, snow fights and drinking a lot of hot chocolate. It's just plain perfect! I wish for all of you the same thing!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. This sounds just perfect and I wish you a lot of fun, snow and good ice!

  2. Ik realiseer me dat ook steeds vaker! Mooie foto's.

  3. Look at all that snow, we went to the beach swimming yesterday!


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