23 december 2010

Snegoerotjsjka ornaments

Inspiration is such a beautiful thing. Rahel posted these Etsyfinds on her blog, and I really loved them and then Hetty showed us the ornament she made for a friend. Put one and one together, add a little inspiration and you get my little ornaments. They're made of woolfelt, some leftover beads, chainstitches and french knots and about the size of a praline. The lovely girl is Snegoerotsjka, the snowgirl, a painting from Michail Vroebel for a Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov opera. My own snowgirl just came in with the deepest red cheeks I've ever seen... Tomorrow the children will get their skatingdiplomas. I was a very proud mother when I saw my sons doing 'pootje over', the proper way of skating the curves. We're ready for Christmas since we're doing the 'grand tour' this year; seeing both parents and inlaws. There happens to be ice near to my parents in law, so we'll  probably do a little skating on Christmasday!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Petra- these ornaments are so wonderful! Will you hang them on the tree? I am happy that my post inspired you to those ornaments.

  2. I was more thinking of turning them in some kind of necklace and hang them around my neck!

  3. Prachtige ornamentjes. Zo mooi voor dit seizoen.


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