6 december 2010

christmas yarn star

 Bye bye Sinterklaas, bye bye winter, for now. We had so much fun saturday, but now it's wet and messy all over. Since I'm red-nosed myself the last few days, I can just as well show you the christmas star I made. These stars are really easy to make, following this tutorial. You can do it with your children, following this tutorial. Getting the pins in is the hardest part. From that point you're only five minutes away from a selfmade ornament. Minimum effort, maximum result!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Your yarn star is beautiful! I always love the red and white stars - but to be truthful - I haven't found a color combination yet that didn't work!

    I see that you have apparently used cardboard that is thinner than what I used - I am glad to see it works well!

    Thank you for the link! I love all the posts centered around Sinterklaas! I forgot my Speculaas dough needed a long refrigeration, so I didn't get to bake them yesterday - I am celebrating Feast of St. Nicholas today!

  2. Clever Ornament! Very pretty star - perfect for the Christmas tree.


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