9 december 2010

Christmas is unfolding...

It started all with some trees the children made. And once you've folded several reindeer, you're close to the whole ensemble...It was another late night to get it all  hanging and a lot of not so peace-on-earth-like words to accompany the process, but here it is. It was quit another process to get it on picture.  I tried different backgrounds and different types of 'snow'. Then heavy hail made me turn on all the lights, but now it has a dark wintery glow which probably goes along very well with the scene. We bought the wooden shelf with the lovely carved tree on the side a long time ago to serve as a season's table. In a few days it will be a manger. For now we enjoy Santa on his sleigh. (I even made tiny little origami presents...)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh- how lovely! I don't have much patience for folding small things. Maybe I would manage one and the rest I would throw against a wall ;-)
    Like the picture in the right bottom corner the most- looks like Santa is riding through fog.

  2. Wauw, dat ziet er mooi uit zeg. Vooral ook dat rode stukje 'kant' om de rendieren heen. Ik herken het probleem van de foto's en het licht, maar vind dat het er heel mooi op is komen te staan. Ben nieuwsgierig naar meer creaties van je.

  3. My goodness! How gorgeous... origami and even a hint of washi tape too!


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