25 april 2011

Toiletry bag

In this lovely, sundrenched Easter weekend, filled with lovely diners with friends and a garden party, I somehow managed to finish this toiletry bag. I'm a little ashamed to say it's my make up bag. I only use mascara, eyeliner and lipstick, but I have this thing for eyeshadow in all sorts of colors (I only use the brownish ones, occasionaly...). I'm not the type of person who carries make up along with her, so this is for the bathroom. Our future bathroom in grey and walnut....
I stated before that me and zippers don't get along very well, but actually I was too lazy to find out how to sew a proper zipper and a  lining together. I finally did that, and it wasn't all that difficult, using this tutorial, which I found on the pattern page of Eloleo's. For the lining I used the toile de jouy oilcloth again. 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Daar kan je mee flaneren op de camping!

  2. Goed gelukt! Vind je liningstof ook al zo mooi!
    Fijne week!

  3. the details in the strap are wonderful! i like this colorway, it's very energetic and the patterns go very well together.

    i'm not much for makeup, a little under eye corrector and that's it (which is kind of bad of me because i do women's makeup at work sometimes).


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