13 april 2011

In the mood

These pictures capture my ideal sense of holiday. They're my own pictures and my own tent, so I consider myself lucky. I'm in the mood for  planning our holiday. Usually we go to the south of France in the spring break of school, but since we have only one week and we're doing a bathroom conversion we decided to skip this vacation. But that doesn't take the longing away, so let's make plans for the summer.

 Last two summers we've been to Italy. Le Marche, Umbria, Lago di Como, Rome... Ah, you know: dolce vita. We don't like to make reservations, but we like to stay on rather small campsites with big spots, so last two years in Italy we did make reservations. (Don't hesitate to contact me for campsite information!)

This year we might go to Spain. I wonder, maybe there are other campers like us. Would you know a campsite in the north of Spain, preferably Catalunya, were we can enjoy this sense of holiday? Small campsite, big spots, swimming pool and no animation for children, we're not demanding at all ;-)

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  1. Heb nog nooit in Spanje gekampeerd, dus kan je niet helpen. Maar je beschrijft precies mijn ideale vakantie!!!

  2. waauw, een de waard tent die wilde ik eigenlijk ook. maar aangezien we eend rijden was dat niet zo'n goede keus;-) veel plezier met plannen maken.

  3. ben alleen heel erg benieuwd of het in Italie ( umbrie) een beetje uit te houden was, qua warmte. Wij denken ook aan umbrie/ toscane, maar de horrorverhalen over de inmense hitte houdt ons een beetje tegen...

  4. Oh that looks great! I remember going for camping holidays with my parents to the south of France (Camarque)- it was so nice! The problem is usually to find a nice spot and not those huge camping places full of campervans....
    Have fun planing!

  5. @Moetjatja Het is wel warm. Als je nog een kleintje hebt die 's middags moet slapen is dat in een tent geen doen. Als je op pad gaat, heb je niet zo'n last van de warmte.

  6. This looks wonderful! I would love to know exactly where it is.
    rahel - I live on the edge of the Camargue and my husband drives through it every morning, it is beautiful, throughout the year.

  7. @ Kickcan and Conkers

    The picture on the left is Valle Verzasca in Switzerland, near the border with Italy. We love to stay there overnight while travelling to Italy. Upper right is Civitella del Lago, Umbrie, Italy and lower right is Lago Trasimeno (Passignano) also in Umbria but a little more to the north, close to Tuscany.

  8. Ohh love the tent... have always wanted one of those... not practical here though... i'll keep dreaming ;)

    Have a lovely holiday!


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