21 februari 2011

Sakura festival

Longing for spring must be an universal sentiment. Every year in March,  they celebrate the sakura festival in Japan. Sakura means cherry blossom. I've never been there, but it must be great to be surrounded by a sea of pink blossoming trees. You might have noticed before that I'm hooked up on origami. I made my own sakura festival, although we have to wait a little while before the cherryblossoms in our street, which are in fact prunus trees, are blossoming. I used this diagram to make the cherry blossoms. The geishas I figured out myself. I could do a tutorial if you want to make some too, please let me know (I'm pretty proud that the faces and the hair actually look like real origami.) The beautiful cherry blossom painting was done by Casper, two years ago. And what did you do in the category 'totally-useless-but-so -much-fun'? I love to hear!

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