10 juli 2011

Signature dish

Do you have a signature dish? Something everyone wants you to bring to a barbeque, or  wants to eat when they come over for dinner? I have, it's the watermelon-feta salad, or as Nigella Lawson puts it, Tel Aviv on a plate. Be a little mysterious about the recipe and your fame as a domestic godess (which is off course the only thing you'll be aiming for in life) is set.

  1. Slice a red onion in very thin rings or half rings and put them in a large bowl
  2. Pour the juice of three limes over the onion rings toghether with some sea salt (It even more tasty if you let it rest for half an hour before you finish the next steps. It makes the onion less sharp).
  3. Slice a quarter of big watermelon, or 1500 gr if you want to be precise,  in pieces. Small enough to put in your mouth, big enough to still look pretty
  4. Cut the mint and parsley, use quite a lot, and sprinkle over it
  5. Add some olive oil, don't be sparse
  6. Cut your Dodoni feta in pieces and carefully mix them trough the salad. Don't even think of using some inferior feta. 
  7. If you like you can add some black olives. It looks very good in this salad.

Bon appetit! 

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  1. Staat genoteerd! Oogt verrukkelijk (en de tekening mag er ook zeker zijn).


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