13 maart 2011

The weirdest gift ever

This must be the weirdest gift ever. For his 38th birthday I gave my brother a crowbar. Seriously, it was on his wishlist... I went to the most serious hardware store I know, but even there the jokes were obvious. "Starting a new career?"  My brother asking for tools, because he wants to build his own shed, is hilarious, knowing him. I decided to stay on the safe side and buy him a demolishing tool, that must be something he can cope with. As a funny gift on the side,  I gave him a customized nail apron (until yesterday I didn.t know this was a word in Dutch, but is in English as well?) Transferpaper on suede made it look a little 'dirty', but I guess that's not a problem for a real handyman. Happy birthday, dear brother! I made a gift tag with an eyelet. A though look, I'm sure I'm going to use it again for future boy's presents.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Ontzettend lief en een prachtige tag! How did you make it?

  2. I like the tag with the eyelet- looks very nice!

  3. @ Lightbluegrey; Shops that sell kits for covering buttons, usely sell these eyelet kits as well. You need a hammer to make them, it's real easy. This gift tag is made of fabric, but it also works with heavy paper.


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