16 maart 2011

Lino cut

It's my dad's birthday today. Men's gifts, never easy. Last year we went to the Matthäus Passion. In a concerthall, which I highly recommend. It definitely beats sitting on a hard bench in a cold church. We'll go again this year, but it seemed a bit lame to make it his gift again. So I tried something new. Lino cut.  I liked making this very much and I only needed one band-aid...

If anyone wonders: this is the church of Wons in Friesland, my father's birthtown. We've talked about it lately and he was very pleased with the print. Unfortunately I got a flat tire on my way home. And guess what; I left my cell phone at home. Grr. 

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh wat leuk, ik heb dat vroeger eens op school mogen doen. Ziet er goed uit hoor!

  2. This looks so nice! Lino-cut is since a while on my (too long) list of things I want to try...
    Happy birthday to your father!

  3. Dat is mooi geworden. De mannen in jouw omgeving boffen maar. Het cadeautje voor je broer was ook al zo leuk geworden. Suus

  4. Oh wat mooi!

    Wat balen zeg. Had je snel hulp?

  5. mooi! (en o zo verslavend, zelfs met pleisters ;-) )


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