21 maart 2011

Beauty, despite everything

The world is on fire and it seems that all we can do is hold our breath. But sometimes there's beauty amidst all fear and terror. Last week the picture below (on the right side) was in  De Volkskrant. Two helicopters loading water to cool down the nucleair plant of Fukushima.  It's like a japanese design.

 I just read about the charity auction Edition Paumes is having. I might send in this one. Go to omstebeurteennieuwavontuur for more information.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Very nice painting you made out of those helicopters! In the beginning (before I saw the two pictures below) I thought that there are two whales. Love the colours too.
    And hopefully the situation in Japan will get better!

  2. Mooi gemaakt. Even los van de problematiek: die foto heeft ook wel een hele mooie compositie.


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