29 oktober 2010

Quilting for New York

It is now when I'm writing this post, hence typing the words down, I actually notice how much my fingers ache! I've been quilting and I think only quilters now this particular pain. After about five years of talking about it, we've booked a flight to New York. A dear friend of ours is living there for almost ten years now and we've finally found the time, the money and enough babysitters to go! Four years ago I started making a quilt for her. She lives in Manhattan, but has a house in the woods upstate too. She is in desperate need of a quilt, I'd say. This quilt has been waiting patiently for four years to get finished, but suddenly there's no time to waist. That's why I've been quilting like fool for the last days. The fingers of my left hand are all bleeding now and that, dear friends, is how dangerous quilting really can be! The end is near and I don't want to jinx it by showing you already. But what is a post without a pic? This little quilt I made for Lauren, who was very into matrushka's last winter (or was I?)

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  1. whoei, dat is zeker een gevaarlijke hobby die jij daar hebt!
    Maar het werpt errug mooie vruchten af!!! Ik vind deze super mooi! Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwste bloedzweettranendeken.


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