17 mei 2011

Summer fling

It has been summer up here for two whole months and now, when I want to show you my latest project, it's raining. Anyway, summer inspired me. My favorite season. The sun, the beach, the garden parties, every cliche you can think of! Love the heat too, although in Holland we don't get that very often.

I was never much into yellow, but last weeks, yellow keeps popping up. It is the most summery color after all. These colors inspired me to this bag.

The facing I used was too heavy, it's more like a freezerbag now. Well, that might come in handy to bring bottles of cold whatever to the beach. I came up with, what I thougth to be really fancy, pockets on the inside of the flaps that hold the wooden handle. Bad idea.
Besides that, I don't feel at ease with this loud colors in the end. Summer can also be like this, don't you think?

And I think this bag goes great with it. I adjusted the pattern a little bit, for the better.  I tried to take a picture of myself in the mirror, because a liked the way my shoes matched the bag.... There was no daylight whatsoever and the mirror was full of greasy little fingers. I like the twirling colors, though.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. vind je tas prachtig!! vooral de laatste iets rustigere versie :D

  2. De zomer is toch maar een hele mooie inspiratiebron!

  3. Prachtig! Ook hoe je het proces beschrijft.

  4. Mooie tas zeg, en ook een hele mooie, sfeervolle post met die combinatie van foto's. Goed bezig!

  5. this is a very good shape for a bag, the wooden handles are lovely!


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