10 mei 2011

Hunters and collectors

History began in school with the (very boring) chapter about hunters and collectors. Luckily there was more to history than just that, but I thought about it when we were on a daytrip to Texel. Our boys still are hunters, shrimpfishers to be more precise and our daughter is a collector. She's looking for shells. Years ago we made this mobiles with the shells we found. The beauty she found last week, was perfect for a necklace, inspired by this one from Vlijtig.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig geworden en niets is zo fijn als schelpjes zoeken in de branding...

  2. Mooi! De ketting vind ik prachtig!

  3. De schoonheid van eenvoud! En je geeft je meisje iets moois mee door haar dit mee te geven.


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