31 oktober 2011

Ballet or Opera anyone?

Although closer on the republican side in the monarchy debate, I happen to love Maxima (don't tell anyone). She is the Dutch crown princess, in case anyone wonders. The sole purpose of making a clutch is to adress my inner Maxima. It would have been in a beautiful Pruissian blue velvet, but I ruined it. Velvet, especially this slightly elastic stuff, is probably the worst kind of fabric to work with. Black and blue dust all over the place.

After the disaster with the blue velvet I tried one in this lovely Lecien cotton. I used a free pattern by Keyka Lou, but I changed the corners. I didn't box them, but made little darts, so it would be a bit more curvy. I like it better that way. This one turned out quite neat, so I took a deep breath and got back to the velvet. But it's official now: it's rotten stuff to sew with, and it's almost impossible, at least for a amateur like myself, to photograph. Why work with velvet anyway?

So, ballet or opera, anyone?

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, echt heel mooi! Ga ik ook eens proberen.

    En, ik ben ondertussen de trotse bezitter van jou prachtig notaboekje. Heel, heel erg bedankt, het is zo zalig mooi!!!

  2. Mooi (maar vind je het erg dat ik de clutch meeneem naar een rockconcert of is dat vloeken in de kerk)

  3. So pretty! The floral fabric is lovely.


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