3 september 2011

Lara's bag

Today we had a party next door. Lara's sixth birthday. She made it quite clear what present she would appreciate, and off course I didn't let her down. "Mooi, mooi, mooi, mooi", Dutch for beautiful,  was the verdict.
I bought this fabric a long time ago at Ikea. I loved it, but it appeared to be difficult to use. The goats or capricorns are a bit odd, but with a big iron-on velvet L it's OK.  For the inner bag I used a kind of lightweight oilcloth, from Ikea as well.  Viva Ikea. 

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat leuke en vrolijke meidentas!! Erg mooi gemaakt!

  2. Ge-wel-dige tas! Echt super! En inderdaad: lang laeve Ikea! :)

  3. Wat een geweldige stof! (is er ergens nog een ikea open op zondagavond elf uur)

  4. Great bag! Very nice work indeed!
    Rahel (under-the-pecan-tree)

  5. Heel erg mooi! Ik vind deze de mooiste tas die ik uit deze stof al zag verschijnen online!


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