20 juni 2011

Midsummer's night dream

Last weekend Lauren had a ballet performance. "A tissue moment", according to another mom, and she was right. I was so very proud of her and impressed by the balletstudio who organised such a professional and entertaining evening. She had to bring a little gift for every girl from her ballet class as a way of saying "break a leg" (toitoitoi in Dutch). Together we folded sixteen origami cranes. This made me focus on origami again. I've made a midsummer's night scenery. Why not try one yourself, it's really not that difficult. I found a diagram for the big one here and a video for the smaller one  here via How about Orange.

This is how it ended up at my season's table. I've made some dragonflies to go with it. These are basically cranes with their flies cut a little bit. On the pictures below you can see how the petals are held together by a little string. I took a little extra to make it look like stamen. Good luck on your attempt!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Een prachtig tafereel om de zomer mee te vieren!

  2. Mooi! Ik heb het nog nooit gedaan, maar vind het altijd erg leuk om te zien wat voor moois mensen ermee maken.

  3. Drie maal raden wat er op mijn seizoentafel gaat verschijnen (ik hoop dus op een succesvolle poging)


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